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Cancer Detection and Awareness in the Workplace

Healthscreen offering occupational and corporate health screening for breast cancer

BreastHealth UK is a part of Check4Cancer group of companies. Check4Cancer provides innovative solutions for cancer detection and awareness in the workplace.

Check4Cancer works with employers, their advisors and their insurers to help employees become the first line of defence against the rising incidence of the most common cancers. Our early detection and educational services are both attractive employee benefits and valuable health care risk management tools. All employees have access to the full range of services available from sister companies including a growing network of cancer specialist clinicians in private clinics nationwide.

Check4Cancer’s services include BowelCheck, BreastCheck, GynaeCheck, LungCheck, ProstateCheck and SkinCheck and all services are governed by nationally renowned cancer specialist consultants.

What we do at Check4Cancer

Raising awareness

Lives can be saved simply by making people aware of the risks and symptoms. We can offer presentations, dedicated websites, national or international campaigns and many other innovative interactive solutions to ensure that your colleagues are aware of signs and symptoms of common cancers.

Early detection

Cancer is increasing with speed of an epidemic: in the UK one in three people now get cancer of one type in their lifetime, and cancer charity Macmillan estimates this will rise to almost one in two by 2020. If these are not identified early, the mortality rate will also continue to rise – but together we can take positive action to increase early detection of cancers.

For more information about Check4Cancer, please visit our website.

OneStop Clinic
If you are worried you may have breast cancer
If you want regular screening for breast cancer
If you want a private or supplementary mammogram
BreastGene or BRCA1 & BRCA2
If your family has a history of breast or ovarian cancer
If you would like to undergo screening for breast cancer prior to proceeding with IVF treatment
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